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We drive innovations forward because ideas are our future. We are successful developers of technologies and products. Creativity and experience safeguard our position as a leading player.

In collaboration with universities and end users we have developed a new substrate for the production of printed-circuit boards which can be recycled without any problems in terms of ecology.
The use of thermoplastic material and the metallization of the material opens up new avenues for circuit board production - three-dimensional ones. The base printed-circuit board can be produced cheaply in flat form, fitted out and then formed into its three-dimensional shape. These post-formed electronic components open the way for miniaturization by enabling savings in volume and weight of up to 50 percent.


LÜBERG ELEKTRONIK operates a responsible and active system of environmental management. Regular meetings about environmental concerns and the specification of measures to be implemented are part and parcel of our comprehensive program.

The objective is to work continuously on the further development of production processes for printed-circuit boards, 3-D circuit-boards and mechatronic components which are environmentally friendly and protect resources. Our goal is to improve the environmental-friendliness of the technological products by:

  • Using new substrates and materials
  • Reducing the range of materials
  • Material recycling
  • Using less material
  • Non-critical disposal
  • Energy-saving production by shortening process chains